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3 Of The Most Common Misconceptions Concerning Root Canal Treatment

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You head to the dentist with a tooth that is causing you a lot of pain. As you sit in the chair with your mouth open wide, this oral care professional drops those two little words you were fearing all along: root canal. Even the name sounds painful and there is a fair amount of fear starting to rise in the back of your throat. But, have you ever took the time to consider why this dental procedure sounds so scary to you? If you are like a lot of dental patients who have never had this form of treatment, the negative connotation comes from common misconceptions. Here are a few that may be floating around in your own mind.

Misconception: Root canals are only a temporary solution and the tooth will have to be pulled anyway.

Fact: Because the root canal is a treatment for a tooth that is already in bad shape, most patients assume that root canals cannot really solve anything or that eventually the tooth will just fall out anyway. In reality, root canals can be a permanent solution lasting as long as your natural teeth.

Misconception: This is one of the most painful dental procedures you could get.

Fact: When performed properly, a root canal should be no more painful than getting a filling in your tooth. When you take some time to consider what is actually taking place, a root canal is like a filling in large scale form. Numbing agents are usually administered with a shot in the area of the tooth, and many patients often claim it was not nearly as painful as they expected.

Misconception: Root canals involve drilling out the root of the tooth completely.

Fact: Because of the name, it is easy to assume that a root canal would always involve creating a canal by drilling down into the roots of a tooth. While in some cases a root canal can involve removal of some of the deep pulp near the root, this actually involves removing the damaged pulp of a tooth instead. The inner material of the tooth is then replaced with filler material, which hardens quickly. 

The name may be scary and the idea may sound painful, but root canals are an incredibly efficient form of dental treatment. If a dentist at a clinic like Stoney Mountain Dental Care has brought up a root canal as a treatment option, make sure you do not let the common misconceptions lead you from accepting this effective solution for your own teeth.