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Revealing Answers To Common Dental Bridge Questions

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When you are unfortunate enough to lose teeth, you may think that expensive dental implants are the only solution for undergoing this sizable damage to your smile. Luckily, dental bridges are an affordable alternative to implants, and they can be just as effective and permanent. Yet, this is an overlook restorative dental procedure that many patients will not seriously consider.

By understanding the answers to the following two questions, you will be a more informed dental patient when you are required to make a final decision:

What If Your Missing Teeth Are Not Consecutive?

Dental bridges are most often used on patients that are missing consecutive teeth. As a result, some patients are under the impression that this is the only type of problem that can be corrected with this treatment option. Fortunately, a bridge may be viable even if your missing teeth have a healthy tooth between the gaps.

When this is the case, your dentist will need to file down the healthy tooth and place a crown over it. The crown is designed to help hold the bridge in place. While you may not like the idea of filing down a healthy tooth, it is the only practical way outside of removing the tooth to install the bridge. However, the added anchor will help ensure that your bridge benefits from enhanced stability. 

Will The Bridge Feel Loose In Your Mouth?

Many people may be hesitant about getting a bridge because they are concerned that it will feel loose and uncomfortable in the mouth. As long as the dental bridge is correctly installed, it should feel as stable as your natural teeth.

To help ensure that your bridge remains stable in your mouth, it is vital for you to undergo your annual visit with your dentist. This will allow them to make any adjustments that are needed to keep the bridge stable, which can greatly enhance your comfort while wearing the device. 

Unfortunately, if you suffer a direct hit to the mouth, your dental bridge may come loose. This happens because the wires that hold it in place can become warped or a crown may be knocked slightly out of alignment. When this is the case, you should get to your dentist as soon as possible. By repairing this damage to your bridge as soon as possible, you can help avoid further damage occurring to it. 

Getting a dental bridge can be the perfect solution for undoing the damages that missing teeth can do to your smile. Unfortunately, if you are like many other dental patients, you have a weak understanding of these prosthetics. Understanding that your missing teeth do not have to be consecutive and that the bridge should stable in your mouth will help you to decide on this treatment option with confidence. 

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